isabel’s philosophy

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The UK produces 1 million tonnes of textile waste in a year, which is enough to fill up Wembley stadium? And as fashion becomes cheaper and cheaper so does the labour that produces it, resulting in poor treatment for those who make the clothes.

These issues are why we want to make a difference with our brand, and resolve to be part of the solution, not the problem.  

We strive to be ethically conscious in every step of the process. From knowing our entire supply chain by basing it in the U.K, which means an ability to monitor working conditions, to making sure we don’t contribute unnecessarily to landfill.

We work with sustainably conscious seamstresses in London who ensure our fabric is cut economically to minimise waste.  

We also make our clothes to a high quality with classic styles and to be reversible because we intend them to be pieces that will last a lifetime, not to be thrown away after one season.

Any fabric that is left over from producing our clothes is saved and used to make our scarfs, which is why they come in different sizes. We have also found inventive ways of repurposing smaller pieces of fabric, for example we created a sculpture out of our scrap fabric from our first collection, which took centre stage in our pop up shop.

We can’t wait to see what the next collection will inspire us to do!

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